Sustainable Leaders Network

In September 2016, when President Bollinger announced the creation of the University’s first set of Sustainability Principles, he introduced a new forum called the Sustainable Columbia Leaders Network (SLN). The provost also announced the creation of the SLN at the Council of Deans meeting held on September 8, 2016.

The deans of Columbia’s schools have identified three volunteers from each school to participate in this group: one faculty member, one student, and one administrator.

Ailsa Roell, SIPA, Faculty
Alissa Park, Engineering, Faculty
Allie Schwartz, Environmental Stewardship, Facilitator
Amanda Erekson, SSW, Administrator
Brian Brennan, MSPH, Administrator
Brian Byrne, MSPH, Administrator
Chris Pettinato, Environmental Health & Safety, Chair, Waste Focus Team
Christopher Wilhelmi, Business School, Student
Dan Allalemdjian, Environmental Stewardship, Co-Chair, Transportation Focus Team
Dan Held, Strategic Communications, Communications Representative
Estrella Castillo, GS, Student
Franz Merine, Law, Administrator
Geoffrey Heal, Business School, Faculty
George Pecovic, Facilities, Plant Engineering, Chair, Energy Focus Team
Harris Schaer, P&S, Administrator
Helen Bielak, Environmental Stewardship, Waste Focus Team representative
Janet Stogdill, GSAPP, Administrator
Janice Erskine, Environmental Stewardship, Coordinator
Jason Wright, Nursing, Administrator
Jean-Marie Bruzzese, Nursing, Faculty
Jennifer Wenzel, Arts and Sciences, Faculty
Jessica Prata, Environmental Stewardship, Facilitator
Jonathan Pauwels, Dental Medicine, Student
June Harewood, MD, Dental Medicine, Faculty
Kate Orff, GSAPP, Faculty
Kate Sheeran, Finance/HR, Anne Sullivan's Group
Katherine Welty, Engineering, Student
Keith Bottum, Environmental Health & Safety, Co-Chair, Waste Focus Team
Kyle Picone, Business School, Administrator
Lorena Prosco, Lerner Operations, Lerner Operations - Administrator
Marianthi Kioumourtzoglou, MSPH, Faculty
Melanie Calero, Law, Student
Michael Gerrard, Law, Faculty
Mike Pagan, Administrative Services, Chair, Transportation Focus Team
Natasha Sood, MSPH, Student
Neil Schluger, MD, P&S, Faculty
Nicohlas Burry, Nursing, Student
Olati Johnson, Law, Faculty
Paige West, Arts and Sciences, Faculty
Robert Chacon, Dental Medicine, Student
Roxana Martinez, P&S, Student
Scott Osborn, Journalism, Administrator
Shane Son, EH&S, Support
Stan Sakry, Engineering, Administrator
Steven Connor, Dental Medicine, Administrator
Tak Eng, Facilities, Plant Engineering, Co-Chair, Energy Focus Team
Victoria Rosner (no longer active), GS, Administrator
Nate Wilcox, General Studies, Administrator

Over the past year, members of the administration, faculty, and students have collaborated to generate this Sustainability Plan, the University’s first, complete with high-level goals. This Plan highlights a set of strategies that departments, including but not limited to Facilities and Operations, will advance over the next three years.

The role of school-based actions in the form of policy and behavior change will accelerate the University’s ability to realize its sustainability goals. The primary objective of the SLN is to engage a wide range of stakeholders from across the campus to collaborate in developing and endorsing a set of these actions that can serve to guide Columbia’s schools to foster a culture of sustainability.

The goal outcomes for the group include the following:

  • Environmental Stewardship will share with SLN a draft set of “sustainable action guidelines” that highlight proposed actions for schools to reduce their footprint through internal behavior changes.
  • The SLN will have the opportunity to further shape these guidelines with new ideas to create a Columbia-specific document that can be used to improve current practices and develop new opportunities at each school.
  • Schools and their SLN representatives will be invited to select an opportunity area from the guidelines to drive measurable culture change in their schools over the course of the year. The experience gained will help other schools to utilize solutions and document progress.

Environmental Stewardship looks forward to sharing the progress Columbia is able to make over the course of the coming years through this energizing engagement platform.


If you are a Green Leader, login to Sustainable Columbia Workspaces and complete your self-audit.

In support of the University's Sustainability Principles, Columbia is committed to foster a culture of sustainability. The Workplace Certification webform provides a checklist of all the possible actions schools and departments can take at Columbia to support the University's sustainability goals as outlined in our plan.

Each section of the checklist links back to the corresponding pages of the Sustainability Plan for further reading. This allows participants to learn the reasons behind—and the impact of—each action, as well as how it relates to the overall vision for Sustainable Columbia.

These are required actions that must be completed as you begin the program.

Learn More about this section.

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Participants in the Workspace Certification Program can download these resources to help them promote sustainability in their spaces.

A list of all offices that have achieved certification will be listed here along with a photo of the team and level of certification (“green zone”, bronze, silver, gold or platinum).