Allie Madison Schwartz

Allie Madison Schwartz is the Assistant Director of Planning and Outreach for Environmental Stewardship at Columbia University. She is primarily responsible for strategic planning with key stakeholders from around the university, collecting, managing and analyzing sustainability data, and overseeing outreach and engagement for the office. Allie manages Columbia's Sustainable Leaders Network (SLN) Workspace Certification Program, Columbia’s submission of the AASHE STARS report, and Columbia’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory submission to The Climate Registry (TCR). Additionally, she works with faculty and staff from around the university to manage the flow of projects and ensure their timely role out and assimilation.

Prior to joining ES, Allie worked with the Columbia Facilities department, focusing mainly on the NYC PlaNYC Carbon Challenge, and managing the Greenhouse Gas Energy Inventory. She studied at Columbia for both her undergraduate and graduate career, earning her B.S. in Environmental Science and her M.S. in Sustainability Management.