Battery Recycling


Morningside Campus:

What are the rules?

Columbia University's Morningside Campus complies with federal regulations for their disposal and recycling in all academic and administrative buildings. Place a service request with Facilities for battery disposal.

All Campuses:

How do I recycle my batteries?

  1. Segregate all batteries from other wastes/materials. 
  2. Place small (< 2 lbs. in weight) non-leaking, non-deteriorated batteries in the used battery collection container located in Facilities Operations or in designated used battery collection containers located throughout each campus. 
  3. Battery terminals must be protected by placing batteries in original packaging, placing batteries in sealed plastic bags, or taping battery terminals with clear tape. Battery type must not be obscured by tape. 
  4. Large lead-acid batteries must be further segregated from your battery waste stream and delivered to Facilities Operations for separate storage prior to disposal. Battery terminals must be protected by placing caps or by taping nodes. 
  5. All batteries must be segregated by type prior to shipment for recycling or disposal. 
  6. If used batteries are leaking or otherwise deteriorated, contact EH&S to determine if batteries require special handling as hazardous waste