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What is a Crown Commuter?

Sustainable Columbia defines a "Crown Commuter" as someone who chooses something other than a drive-alone commute to and from campus. Instead of driving alone, a Crown Commuter chooses a sustainable travel mode such as:

  • Public transportation like subway, bus, or ferry
  • Carpool or vanpool
  • Walk
  • Bike
  • Park and ride
  • Work or study from home
  • 100% electric or plug-in hybrid electric car
  • Any combination of the above

A Crown Commuter must use a sustainable commute mode at least three times per week to qualify.

Columbia understands the importance of doing what we can to reduce traffic congestion, increase travel efficiency, and mitigate our overall environmental impact. About one third of greenhouse gas emissions are derived from the transportation sector.

This program encourages people to think about their commute and consider more sustainable and efficient travel modes, supporting the goals of Columbia’s Sustainability Plan. Those who don't currently qualify as a Crown Commuter can visit the Columbia Transportation website to find resources for choosing a new sustainable commute.

Why designate as a Crown Commuter?

When you self-register as a Crown Commuter and place the badge in your Columbia email signature, you're letting others know that a sustainable commute is important to you. By linking the badge back to the Crown Commuter web page, you are spreading online resources that will help other Columbia travelers find environmentally friendly commute options.

All registered Crown Commuters will be entered in a bi-monthly raffle to win $20 in Columbia Flex Dollars.

Steps to Register

(If you do not plan on adding the badge to your email signature for whatever reason, please do not register for the Crown Commuter program.)

1. Place the badge in your Columbia email signature

2. Fill out the webform below.

    Register as a Crown Commuter

    If at any time your commute changes such that you no longer qualify under the Crown Commuter conditions, please remove the badge from your email signature and unsubscribe to the bi-monthly raffles by emailing [email protected].