Transportation Services

Columbia University is located in a dense urban environment with plenty of near-to-campus housing and an extensive transit system. Because of this, Columbia’s environmental impact from transportation is minimal. Less than 2% of students and 17% of employees choose a drive-alone commute. Even still, the University has sought out ways to lead by example and implement measures that reduce environmental impact from its operations. Columbia provides intercampus shuttles, creates incentives that reduce vehicular traffic to upper Manhattan from affiliates commuting to campus, and is pursuing the electrification of campus vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Columbia’s goals and strategies for transportation emissions and congestion

Columbia’s sustainability plan, Plan 2030, formalizes Columbia’s goals and strategies for reducing emissions as it relates to transportation. The plan also includes measures that reduce traffic and parking congestion from commute travel to Columbia by expending electric vehicle charging ports in University parking and adding new connections to campus through improved bicycling amenities, park and ride enhancements, and shuttle services. Plan 2030 identifies Columbia’s trajectory to net zero emissions for transportation as well as emissions from other operational areas within the University.

Resources for sustainable intercampus and commute travel

To support its affiliates, Columbia has consolidated all pertinent information and services for intercampus and commute travel on the Columbia Transportation website. We encourage all affiliates to familiarize themselves with these services. 

Columbia’s award winning services include:

Have a commute question?

Columbia has a dedicated staff position whose role is to evaluate new commute initiatives that improve campus mobility and support affiliates in their commute decisions. Contact Columbia’s Director of Sustainability and Transportation for commute suggestions and inquiries.

Electric buses at Columbia

Learn more about Columbia’s electric buses, which were among the first to operate in New York City.