Tracking and Reporting

Tracking and reporting the progress on Columbia University’s goals, and its associated strategies and steps, will be critical in the success of Columbia's Sustainability Plan. Tracking the progress against the University’s baseline years will allow Columbia to compare growth annually. The data will also be used to identify gaps and opportunities in the process—which strategies and steps are working and what may need to be revisited.

Tracking and reporting progress will be achieved through the following commitments:

The Climate Registry Reporting

The Office of Sustainability office manages the process of reporting to The Climate Registry. Key department stakeholders across focus areas submit activity data in a designated worksheet format and collaborate with the Office of Sustainability to submit accurate and timely information for each calendar year. Click on the links below to view verification statements from previous years.

Annual Progress Reports

Along with living document updates, Columbia is committed to an annual report each year that will provide a high-level overview of the progress to date. These reports will be made public to the Columbia community to promote transparency and open feedback, allowing the planning committee to learn, grow, and adapt to ensure the plan stays relevant.

Internal Accountability Coordination

The Office of Sustainability is responsible for developing and managing the University-wide implementation strategy and sustainability reporting for the Columbia Sustainability Plan. The focus teams are responsible for implementing the action steps that support the strategies and larger goals through the end-date of the current plan in place.

Living Document Updates

Columbia recognized in the plan's development that the outcome from some of the action steps will influence the direction of sequential steps. It is expected that the current plan will evolve over time, and updates will be made via this Sustainable Columbia website as they arise.