Sustainable Columbia

Sustainable Columbia is the brand identity for Columbia University’s campus sustainability initiative, centralized through the Environmental Stewardship office and executed by a variety of University departments and projects.

The Sustainable Columbia mark visually connects the many programs on campus that contribute to the success of our campus sustainability efforts by helping meet the goals set forth in this Plan.

Environmental Stewardship Team

Environmental Stewardship initiates, coordinates and implements practical programs to reduce the University’s environmental footprint and promotes a culture that values the environment and acts to protect it. The office collaborates with students, staff and neighbors to achieve the University's sustainability goals.

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About the Sustainability Plan

General Scope of the Plan

The scope of the goals, strategies, and steps set forth in this Plan is limited to the University’s Morningside campus. This Plan has a three-year (2017-2020) temporal scope focused on strategies that will help advance the campus toward the outlined sustainability goals by 2020. Where applicable, goals look to align with city and state policy. All goals will be revisited over the next three years to determine if they need to be adjusted or re-aligned to meet the ever-evolving policy landscape.

Columbia Sustainability Plan: 2017–2020

Morningside Campus Plan:

The Columbia Sustainability Plan provides a high-level overview of three-year goals and the strategies that will enable the University to achieve them. Additionally, this Plan provides background information on prior successes that have allowed the University to progress to where a formalized plan was necessary to capture all past work and outline the road ahead.

Morningside Campus Progress Reports:

Over the next three years, Columbia will release at least one progress report per calendar year. Additional information about how this Plan will be tracked can be found in the Tracking and Reporting section.

Columbia Sustainability Plan: Beyond 2020

As mentioned in the Plan’s principles, Columbia is committed to a long-term strategy to address sustainability. This Plan continues through 2020 with the expectation that another plan will be released closer to 2020 to move the University forward.

Inclusion of the Medical Center and Lamont-Doherty Campuses

Representatives from the Medical Center and Lamont-Doherty participated on the focus teams that generated these goals and strategies, and therefore helped shape them. At each of their campuses, they are advancing their own variety of initiatives, many of which align with the goals set forth in this Plan. Two dedicated sections in this Plan, one for each campus, highlight these details.