Collection of Commute Data

Getting Columbia’s almost 50,000 students, faculty, and staff to and from campus each day is a monumental effort. Our city’s longstanding commitment to mass transit and compact urban lifestyles means our transportation impact is kept minimal. Each day, about 89 percent of the Columbia community—that's about 40,000 people—choose a low-carbon commute option, such as walking, biking, public transit, carpooling, or a Columbia shuttle. Columbia is proud that about one-third of its community chooses an active, healthy commute mode by opting to walk or bike. Columbia’s decision to expand its operations into Manhattanville confirms its commitment to New York City and fostering sustainable urban lifestyles that allow people to choose sustainable and healthy transportation options. Even still, Columbia continues to implement commuter initiatives that result in fewer cars on the road, lower emissions, and the conservation of natural resources, as well as offer feasible commute options that improve quality of life and serve as a model for New York City and beyond.

Find a sustainable Columbia commute

Columbia tracks its progress toward reducing its transportation impact. The charts below show the latest data on Columbia University’s commute mode choice.

chart 1
chart 2