Glass, Metal & Plastic Recycling

plastic metal glass recycling

Remember...If it's plastic and you can tap it, you can recycle it. 

Morningside Campus:

What are the rules?

The NYC recycling program requires separating the various kinds of recyclables including glass, metal, plastic and beverage cartons.

For more detailed instructions on how to recycle specific items, skip to our YouTube videos below.


New York City has recently expanded the rules to include all rigid plastics in the recycling stream. Items accepted include:

  • Plastic bottles, jugs and jars
  • Rigid plastic caps and lids
  • Rigid plastic food containers (yogurt containers, plastic take-out containers)
  • Rigid plastic non-food containers
  • Rigid plastic packaging
  • Rigid plastic housewear (tupperwear, flower pots, etc.)


All glass bottles and jars are accepted.

Glassware from laboratories is recyclable through a separate recycling program and may not be placed in receptacles designated for "Bottles & Cans."


Cartons are also recyclable in this container.

Caps and lids are recyclable, and items should be rinsed out if possible before recycling.

Where are bins located?

Receptacles marked "Bottles & Cans" are generally found in hallways, pantries and dining and food-preparation areas.

Who collects recycling?

The custodial staff collects these recyclables for pickup by the New York City Department of Sanitation. Metal such as piping, appliances and furniture that's too large for the bins may be recyclable as scrap metal. Scrap metal is removed by the Facilities staff. A service request may be required for removal of large items.

How much are we generating?

The Morningside Campus recycles about one and a half tons of glass, metal and plastic each year. The campus recycles approximately seven tons of scrap metal each year.

How do I order a bin?

If you don't find these receptacles, contact Facilities to request them.

"How to Recycle" videos: