Manhattanville Construction Worker Carpool Incentive

Columbia provides free parking for Manhattanville Campus construction workers commuting in carpool groups of three or more. This initiative reduces Columbia’s impact on parking and traffic congestion, as well as reduces vehicular emissions. To sign up, please fill out the form below.

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This incentive is only available for construction workers currently on the job at Columbia's Manhattanville Campus, who commute in carpool groups of three or more. Please do not fill out this form if you do not fit these criteria.

Manhattanville Construction Worker Carpool Request Form
Each carpool group must designate one person within the carpool group to be the “Primary Group Member." This person is responsible for being the contact person with Columbia and ensuring the group complies with the following terms and conditions. Once the Primary Group Member is decided upon, they should complete this form on behalf of the group.

I understand that:

  • Upon request from Columbia, proof of a current home address outside the borough of Manhattan must be supplied by all carpool group members.
  • Spaces will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Columbia cannot guarantee a parking space at the designated carpool parking location for all applicants.
  • The carpool parking space is being provided for use on days when three or more of the identified people, listed below, commute to Manhattanville.
  • The carpool parking space is being provided for work being done at the Manhattanville job site for Columbia University related construction work.
  • At Columbia’s sole discretion, any carpool parking spaces may be reassigned for other purposes.
  • The carpool group will be issued carpool decal(s) to be displayed on the vehicle’s rearview mirror when parked at the designated carpool lot.
  • Only one car per carpool group is permitted to use the parking area at any one time. Multiple decals can be requested if the carpool groups use multiple cars. 
  • If a carpool group falls below the minimum requirement of three people, or your time at Columbia ends, the Primary Carpool Group Member must notify Columbia’s TDM office.
  • Periodic check-ins will occur to ensure the carpool arrangement is active as per the agreement.
  • Loitering in the parking area is not permitted.
  • Causing damage to Columbia University property in and around the parking area is prohibited.
  • Carpool members should refrain from leaving trash of any kind behind in the parking area.
  • Failure to adhere to the agreement, and violators to the minimum of three-member requirement will result in all members being reported to the contract manager and suspension from the parking benefit.

I agree to the terms outlined above.
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