Paper & Cardboard Recycling

paper recycling

REMEMBER….If its’ wet, sticky, or otherwise icky, keep it OUT of recycling containers otherwise the entire load risks being downgraded to trash.

Morningside Campus:

What are the rules?

Paper (including boxboard items like tissue boxes and glove boxes as well as newspaper and magazines) is recyclable. Cardboard is recyclable.

GREEN LABELED BIN: Paper and cardboard can be discarded together into any receptacles designated for paper.

Where are bins located?

Within each office, you'll find small green or white bins labeled for paper recycling. In central areas near copiers or in hallways, for example you'll find larger bins designated for paper.

Who collects recycling?

The custodial staff collects all the paper and cardboard. It's brought to a central location where the New York City Department of Sanitation picks up the cardboard and American International Paper picks up the paper.

How much are we generating?

The Morningside Campus, including academic and administrative buildings and residence halls, generates about 139 tons of paper and cardboard for recycling each year.

How do I order a bin?

If you don't find these receptacles, contact Facilities to request them.

Columbia University Medical Center:

The Columbia University Medical Center campus has a robust recycling program. Learn more about the various streams.

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory:

The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory campus boasts a recycling program that Rockland County Recycles (part of the Waste Wise program) has recognized with an award of excellence. Learn more about what to throw and where.