Trash & Bulk Waste

bulk waste

Morningside Campus:


Trash is the stream we most want to reduce, given the many alternative recycling streams available.  If you're not sure if something should be recycled or thrown in the trash, use the NY Department of Sanitation's "How Do I Dispose of..." tool to quickly and easily find out. 

Bulk Waste

Bulk waste is commonly generated during a clean-out, construction or move-in period. It is either collected in a container near where it's produced, or brought to a central collection area for removal by a private waste hauler. To remove a bulk-waste item, call (212)-854-2222.

How much are we generating? 

The Morningside campus generates approximately 14 tons of bulk waste each year. This material is usually taken to a landfill, although some may be separated for recycling by the private hauler.