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Climate Matters: Building Literacy, Breaking Communication Barriers

December 8, 2018
11:00 AM - 4:30 PM
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The Forum at Columbia University, 605 W. 125th St., New York, NY 10027
Come hear about some of the hottest topics in climate, conveyed in plain language, by our Climate and Society MA students in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Topics will include sea level rise, changes in hurricane behavior, understanding the wild fires raging in the western U.S., and the increasing weirdness of weather in our own part of the world.  11:00-11:30am :  Causes of global temperature variations since 1900 Wei Lin Hsu, Yi Lu, Kenzo Zhang 11:30-12:00pm : Particulars of Particulates Aditi Banzal, Philip Harrison, Edward Zhang 12:00-12:30pm : Rising Seas: Is humanity in hot water? Nabilah Islam, Elva Bennett, Stephanie Stettz BREAK: 12:30-1:00pm 1:00-1:30pm : On Thin Ice: Amplified Warming in the Arctic Florence Guan, Runyu Liang, Sarah Smith  1:30-2:00pm : The Antarctica Controversy: Does Antarctica Corroborate or Refute Climate Change? Noël Coenraad, Andie Wang, Qidan Wang 2:00-2:30pm : How the next El Nino will impact you and your Facebook friends Laurel DiSera, Yue Kou, Yuchen Liu 2:30-3:00pm : Hurricanes and Climate Change: Trends and Projections Clement Athias and Yunhai Xiong 3:00-3:30pm : Shifting tropical cyclone tracks in the Pacific Ocean Elizabeth Perry, Michael Owen, Peter Deneen 3:30-4:00pm : Fanning the Flames: Wildfires and how winds affect their path & severity Maria Dombrov, Arley Titzler, Jasmine Gill 4:00-4:30pm : Climate Change and the Confused Jet Stream: Unusual Weather Patterns of the 21st Century Jeff Berardelli, Shanny Peer, and Kristin Hogue

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