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The History and Future of Planetary Threats: Nuclear Security Today

November 17, 2020
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
An ISERP Series: The History and Future of Planetary Threats Amid increasingly tense relations with Russia, the increased number of countries with nuclear weapons and nuclear fuel cycle technology, weakening of the arms control regime, the advance of new technologies like cyber and artificial intelligence, and the persistent threat of terrorism, the world faces the highest risk of use of a nuclear weapon since the Cuban Missile Crisis. There is heightened concern about this coming about because of blunder or miscalculation. Former Secretary of Energy and Co-Chair and CEO of the Nuclear Threat Initiative Ernest J. Moniz will discuss today’s nuclear challenges—and the urgent need to return to diplomacy, diligence, and both technological and policy innovation to reduce these threats. Wilmot James, Ph.D. and Prof. Alex Halliday, Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, will moderate the conversation with Sec. Moniz.

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