Past Event

Info Session: Columbia Climate School in the Green Mountains

April 8, 2021
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Join us for an info session to learn about the first-ever Columbia Climate School pre-college program this summer in Castleton, Vermont to mobilize action, drive impact, and affect change in response to our warming planet. High school students have a critical role to play in finding solutions to a fast and evolving future where climate change continues to disrupt our way of life.

In partnership with Putney Pre-College, the Columbia Climate School in the Green Mountains program will take place over two weeks at Castleton University’s campus and provide the space and opportunities for high school students to engage, educate, and get excited about fostering solutions. Program content will be delivered in a variety of formats and modalities throughout the program to maximize every student’s learning potential. Over the 13-day program, the following themes will be explored: The Science of Climate Change, Climate Impacts and Resilience Efforts, Environmental Justice, Community Impact, Science Communication & Advocacy.

Engage with experts from the inaugural Columbia Climate School and learn about cutting-edge innovations in action. Meet, collaborate, and build partnerships with like-minded youth leaders and tap into collective strengths for action. Activate your ambition to drive and sustain change in your communities.

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Cassie Xu