Past Event

MPA-ESP Spring 2020 Final Workshop Briefings

April 29, 2020
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Online Event
The Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy invites you to attend the Spring 2020 Final Workshop Briefings. The Final Briefings are the culminating output for ENVP U9232: The Workshop in Applied Earth Systems Policy Analysis. In the spring semester workshop, new groups are formed to undertake analytic projects for real-world clients in government and nonprofit agencies. These teams, working under the supervision of faculty members, write a report analyzing an actual environmental policy or management problem faced by their clients. This year's projects and clients include: Project: Opportunities and Challenges for Water Reuse Policy in New York City: Applying Lessons Learned from the US and Beyond (Client: NYC Department of Environmental Protection) Project: Regional Energy Independence in Northern California and Alternative Energy Analysis (Client: Pacific Forest Trust) Project: Analysis and Assessment of Iceland’s Climate Action Plan for 2040 (Client: Government of Iceland) Project: Agroforestry Policy (Client: World Resources Institute) Project: The National Climate Bank: Sector-Specific Investment Opportunities to Reduce Emissions (Client: Coalition for Green Capital) This event will be streamed live. To REGISTER for this event, please click the link above so we can send you the event link when available.

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Stephanie Hoyt