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The New Climate Story

February 11, 2020
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Lenfest Center for the Arts, 615 W. 129 St., New York, NY 10027 Katharina Otto-Bernstein Screening Room (Second Floor)
Facing rapid climate change, many in society have raced to embrace simplistic narratives of doom or denial. How can we - scientists, artists, educators, journalists - shape new stories and conversations that help forge creative, productive paths toward clean energy and a safer climate? Join us for a panel discussion featuring: - Meehan Crist, Columbia biological sciences writer-in-residence - Mary Heglar, Earth Institute writer-in-residence, climate justice writer & co-host of the Real Hot Take podcast - Kate Marvel, climate scientist, NASA-Goddard Institute for Space Studies - Kendra Pierre-Louis, climate reporter, The New York Times - Katharine Wilkinson, vice president of communication & engagement, Project Drawdown; senior writer for Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming Opening remarks from Alex Halliday, director, the Earth Institute.

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