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Pandemic Lessons, from HIV through COVID-19

May 1, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Even with an event as monumental as the coronavirus pandemic, there is a pattern in what is unfolding that has echoes in past eruptions of novel disease. Hear three prize-winning journalists who’ve focused on epidemics for decades -- Laurie Garrett, Bob Bazell and Jon Cohen -- chat with Wendy Wertheimer, a veteran public-health and infectious disease analyst, to reveal ways to limit losses now and boost readiness in the turbulent years ahead. Your host, as always, is longtime New York Times reporter Andrew Revkin, who now directs the Initiative on Communication and Sustainability at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. Guests: Laurie Garrett, longtime epidemic-focused journalist and author; Pulitzer Prize winner for her reporting on Ebola in Zaire. Wendy Wertheimer, a consultant in public health policy with a long career advising top scientists and agencies focused on epidemics, from the early days of AIDS, at both the World Health Organization and National Institutes of Health. Jon Cohen, a senior correspondent in the news section of the journal Science who has written four books and also contributed to The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times Magazine and many other publications. Robert Bazell, who reported on a string of epidemics through a 38-year career at NBC News The Initiative:

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