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Python User Group: Extracting Data from APIs

March 5, 2019
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Butler Library, 535 W. 114 St., New York, NY 10027 203
In this Python User Group meeting, we will use Python to explore an API, reasoning about what data is available and extracting it for use in projects or to answer research questions. The tutorial we will be following: Python User Group is a meeting for those using Python in their research or who are curious about the Python programming language. Every two weeks, the group will present a workshop or lead a discussion about a specific use case for Python. At the end of the meeting, there will typically be time for collaborative work, questions, or discussion with fellow researchers or practitioners. If possible, please bring a laptop to Python User Group. It is also frequently helpful to have Anaconda, a distribution for Python, installed. You can download Anaconda for Python 3.7 here:

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