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Sailing Thru Icebergs

June 23, 2018
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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ENTER THE ICE KINGDOM ~ Take a visual and audio journey to the poles in this hauntingly beautiful exhibition of large scale photographs of icebergs. Greenland’s vast ice cap is melting ~ come sail thru the surreal world of the Kingdom of Ice where cliffs & islands all are made of water, frozen and compressed and set adrift after a 10,000 year slide from distant mountaintops. See fantastical shapes of ice in dazzling colors of aqua and turquoise scattered like jewels on a black volcanic beach by the tremendous force of a relentless sea. A blue ice skylight gallery features panoramic views of a blue ice glacial wall and actual sounds of ice cracking and crashing into its own lagoon. Icebergs contain pristine 12,000 year old or older water ~ what is locked within? Icebergs can float across the sea for years and present challenges and opportunities to Arctic communities, the northern and southern ends of our Earth, and even deserts and islands far from icebergs‘ source. The photographer and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory climate scientist & Center for Climate & Life fellow Billy D'Andrea will be on hand to present and answer your questions about Icebergs and their journey from our distant past into our current times. A limited number of books “Sailing thru Icebergs” are available to first ticket Registrants

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