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Sustain What? Helping Youth Lead on Climate Action

April 5, 2021
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Join Earth Institute climate and social scientists and special guest former Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin as we explore ways to help young people take local action for global climate impact, including a special face-to-face summer workshop in Vermont.

At the Earth Institute and forthcoming Columbia Climate School, we have for many years been engaging, educating, and activating networks of young people so they can better understand the science of climate change, collaborate with peers and drive meaningful action at the local and global levels.

Now we are excited to announce our Columbia Climate School in the Green Mountains program this summer in Vermont. This 12-day face-to-face event will serve as an entry point for newcomers to climate action or help current youth climate activists hone their skills and share their insights. Regardless of where participants are in their climate learning journeys, the summit will help improve understanding of key scientific and societal issues, build solution-focused networks and provide actionable plans and strategies for real-world impact.

In this one-hour Sustain What session, with guests ranging from leading climate scientists to Vermont’s former governor, Peter Shumlin, you’ll meet some of the team to learn about the resources and rationale coming together in this groundbreaking summer event.

Monday Sustain What online conversations, hosted by longtime environmental journalist Andy Revkin, build and spread communication skills and tools that can make information and connectivity matter.

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