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Sustain What Webcast: Communicating the COVID19 Hammer and Dance

April 16, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
A SUSTAIN WHAT COVID-19 communication conversation with Tomás Pueyo, who has a background in business and behavioral psychology but wrote and illustrated several essays on Medium in March that, with tens of millions of reads, built a huge pulse of awareness of the strategies, tools and capacities that will be needed to move from the "hammer" of aggressive physical distancing to the "dance" of surveillance, tracking and control. Find them here: Sustain What is a global online video conversation identifying solutions to the complicated, shape-shifting and epic challenges of humanity’s “great acceleration.” A prime focus is making sense of, and getting the most out of, the planet's fast-forward information environment -- the one Earth System changing faster than the actual environment. This webcast is produced by Andrew Revkin, the founding director of Columbia University's Earth Institute Initiative on Communication and Sustainability. For the time being, these sessions will be focused on mitigating the unfolding societal disruption and devastation driven by the global spread of COVID-19. But we will dip into other subjects and solutions when the time is right. More:

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