Columbia Housing Donates More Than 1,800 Pieces of Furniture to Domestic and Ukraine Charities

With help from IRN: The Reuse Network, Columbia Housing provided gently used bedroom, dining, and lounge furniture sets to seven charities, providing support to organizations in need, extending the life of useable furniture, and diverting 150,000 pounds of waste from entering landfills.  

November 30, 2022
A work crew stands at the entrance to a cargo container

Following upgrades and renovations to Hogan Hall, Schapiro Hall, and East Campus over the summer, Columbia Housing had more than 1,800 gently used items of furniture in need of a new home. As part of the University’s commitment to sustainability, Columbia Housing sought a smart recycling solution and partnered with IRN: The Reuse Network

IRN specializes in surplus asset management. They provide complete reuse solutions by matching the needs of charities and nonprofits throughout the world with surplus furnishings and equipment from schools, universities, corporations, and other large organizations. By connecting those in need with those who have surplus, IRN has helped organizations save more than 80 million pounds of surplus items from landfills, like the gently used furniture sets from several buildings within the Housing portfolio.  

1,845 Items Donated

Reducing Waste and Benefiting Communities 

With IRN’s help, Columbia Housing was able to divert 150,372 pounds of waste from landfills while supporting one international and six domestic charities. Donations support organizations like domestic healthcare charities, disaster recovery, furniture recovery and even a group focused on Ukraine relief efforts.

“Donating our surplus furniture through IRN allowed us to reduce our waste while supporting local and global communities. We are proud to incorporate smart solutions like IRN’s surplus asset management program into our operations, and look forward to continuing with initiatives like these as part of our commitment to sustainability,” says Honey Fishman, Assistant Vice President, Housing Services & Student Center Operations.