Fall 2020 Bicycle Interest Group Newsletter

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October 19, 2020
Two people with Citi Bikes returning them to the dock on a street in Washington Heights

Dear Bicycle Interest Group member,

We are thinking of you and your loved ones during this time and we hope you have been able to find some joy despite the circumstances. Below we have compiled a list of updates and news items relating to the progression of bicycle travel infrastructure and services at Columbia and around NYC. We understand in recent months bicycle travel within NYC has become a more commonly-used mode of travel due to the pandemic; unfortunately, this is coupled with a recent rise in cyclist deaths from being struck by motor vehicles. While Columbia continues to encourage bicycle travel as a healthy and sustainable travel option, we strongly urge cyclists to review the road rules and information for safe cycling which are provided in this newsletter.

New covered and secure bike parking area at Manhattanville campus

Over the summer, Columbia opened a new sheltered and secure bike parking option on the Manhattanville campus, inside the parking garage on 131St Street. The garage is easily accessible and at ground level, and Manhattanville campus employees may use it free of charge. Additionally, after consultation with NYC Department of Transportation, extra curb-side bike parking options were added to 132nd Street outside Studebaker, and also on Broadway near the 131st Street intersection. 

Click here for information on how to access the new parking facility on the Manhattanville campus.

Bike maintenance stations added to CUIMC sheltered bikeparking areas

CUIMC Facilities has added a bike tire pump and basic bike maintenance repair tools to their sheltered bike parking areas, free for Columbia employees. Locations:

1) Russ Berrie/School of Nursing parking garage between Audubon Ave. and St. Nicholas Ave. (enter the parking garage on the north side of the street) *The garage can only be accessed during open hours: 7:00am-11:00pm, M-F 

2) 100 Haven Avenue parking garage. Open 24/7/365. 

Click here to learn more.

Improved policy for use of Morningside commuter bike parking enclosures

In an effort to better manage valuable campus space, as well as to improve the upkeep and availability of secure and sheltered bike parking spaces, new policies are now in place for the use of Columbia’s commuter bike parking enclosures. View the full policy text here. 

Citi Bike expands to Washington Heights and South Bronx

Citi Bike expanded service from 130th Street to 184th Street, river to river which includes new service to CUIMC. This is a huge benefit for transportation at Columbia, as our primary campuses are now connected by a popular bike share system, making biking a viable choice for intercampus travel. See Citi Bike’s system map here.

More News

Citi Bike’s improving their rebalancing system through Bike Angles and Valet parking. Learn more.

More electric pedal-assist Citi Bikes making your uphill Columbia commute a breeze. Learn more.

New one-minute bike safety training videos by the League of American Bicyclists added to Columbia Transportation website. Learn more.

Information about purchasing a used bike added to the Columbia Transportation website. Learn more.

Browse these well-being workshops offered by the Office of Work/Life. Learn more.

Columbia continues development on its next sustainability plan despite COVID-19 challenges. Learn more.

Columbia Transportation survey results show fewer drive-alone commutes and more walking commutes; bike commuting generally remains steady. Learn more.

More commute and travel resources:

For additional information about your travel options, including important information for being a cyclist at Columbia, visit Columbia’s Transportation website. On behalf of the Sustainable Columbia Working Group for Transportation, thank you for being enthusiastic about bicycling and active travel.

Be well,

Daniel Allalemdjian
Director, Transportation Demand Management
Office of Sustainability

Daniela Elazari
Director of Well-Being
Office of Work/Life

These initiatives contribute to the goals outlined in Columbia’s Sustainability Plan.