Five New Second-Generation Electric Vantage Vehicles Hit the Road at Columbia

Columbia University Facilities and Operations purchased five new second-generation electric Vantage Vehicle mini-trucks for its grounds operations at Morningside campus. The department plans to phase out its existing fleet of first-generation Vantage Vehicles as they reach their end of life.

August 17, 2023
new electric vehicle for facilities and operations

Facilities and Operations has been using electric Vantage Vehicles for over 9 years for its grounds operations. The new second-generation electric Vantage Vehicles’ batteries are made with lithium-ion, which improves their performance. The new Vantage Vehicles are also equipped with an onboard diagnostic display letting the driver see system details as they drive. The decision to continue to invest in electric vehicles supports Columbia’s sustainability plan, Plan 2030, and the University’s goal to reduce emissions from its operations.

Ricky Gonowrie, Supervisor at Columbia Facilities and Operations, outlined several key advantages of the new vehicles over the previous ones. "These second-generation models offer longer life cycles. They have an increased load capacity and require significantly less battery maintenance," said Gonowrie.

Gonowrie further explained the specific roles the new fleet will serve within the University's operations. "These EVs will primarily support operations transportation, including the movement of personnel and equipment between job sites. These new vehicles are another step in our efforts to minimize Columbia's carbon footprint and increase efficiency," he added.

Columbia plans to have an all-electric fleet by 2037 and to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. The University also aims to influence other institutions to follow suit by investing in sustainable technologies.