Samreen Afzal

Samreen is the first to fill the role of Director, Sustainability Analytics, responsible for creating and implementing a strategic plan to centralize sustainability metrics and employ more rigorous and frequent analytics that ensure Columbia achieves Plan 2030 goals. In this role, she oversees the development of both internal and externally-facing sustainability data hubs and curate detailed metrics to support senior level decision-making.  

Samreen joined the Office of Sustainability after completing her Master of Science in Sustainability Management (SUMA) at Columbia. While completing the SUMA program, she worked part-time with the New York Housing Authority's sustainability team on their energy and electrification projects. Before SUMA, Samreen studied Information Technology and earned her MBA in Marketing, Business Management, and Supply Chain.  

Samreen's background includes a variety of roles at Shell International, including supply chain, sales, marketing, Human Resources, health, safety, and environment. Her progressive professional experience within the energy sector spans over 12 years.  

Samreen is originally from Karachi, Pakistan and has traveled the world while challenging herself and learning new skills. In her free time she enjoys reading literature and history.