Carpooling Construction Workers get Free Parking through Transportation Initiative

February 26, 2018

A group of five construction workers at the Manhattanville campus just received their official parking pass for one of Columbia’s new commuter incentives: free parking spaces for construction workers who carpool.

Columbia Transportation and the Office of Sustainability are offering free parking spaces to carpool groups of three or more construction workers who commute to Columbia’s Manhattanville campus. This incentive is part of the effort to help more Manhattanville employees commute to work using sustainable transportation methods that reduce parking and traffic congestion.

The pictured construction workers commute 37 miles each way from Bellmore on Long Island to the Manhattanville campus. The workers are sub-contracted by Columbia through Skanska – one of the construction management groups building the Manhattanville campus – and are currently working on the University Forum and Academic Conference Center project.

Carpooling can reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to limiting the number of vehicles on the road, and it’s also a way to share the cost and driving responsibilities of your commute with others. The promotion of sustainable commute modes is in line with Columbia’s Sustainability Plan and the Sustainable Columbia brand.

To learn more about Manhattanville Commuter Incentives, visit the Transportation website.