Columbia University is one of the 375 most environmentally responsible colleges according to The Princeton Review. The education services company known for its test prep and tutoring services, books, and college rankings features Columbia in the 2017 edition of its free book, The Princeton Review Guide to 375 Green Colleges.

In September, Public Safety partnered with industry leader XL Hybrids to convert its 2016 Ford E350 Evening Shuttle Bus into a hybrid vehicle, making it the latest in Columbia's fleet to be brought into the University's green fleet. In addition to this shuttle conversion, Public Safety continues to replace aging vehicles with more sustainable options, including a Chevrolet Bolt added in August.

Since 2015, all of the undergraduate and Master’s graduation gowns worn at University Commencement have been made from recycled plastic bottles!  Each "green gown" is made from 46 water bottles. For every 100 students wearing one of these recycled gowns, 4,600 plastic bottles are diverted from landfills.

Gardeners and nature lovers have noticed that plants are flowering earlier every year—a phenomenon generally attributed to climate change. New findings by Columbia researchers, however, are among the first to show that a decline in biodiversity may also play a role, magnifying the impact of climate change not just when plants flower, but on entire ecosystems.

Columbia’s Zagster bike share program has expanded to the Manhattanville campus.