ReUse Program

The Columbia surplus reuse program facilitates the exchange of office furniture and equipment within the University and local community organizations supported by Columbia Community Service. In support of Columbia’s commitment to environmental and fiscal sustainability, the program conserves resources and minimizes waste. Departments can save money on furniture costs, and community organizations can serve the populations that need items the most. This program is not intended to provide used equipment and/or furniture for personal or home use.

    Materials that qualify for reuse in this program:

    • Office furniture, chairs, desks, file cabinets, book shelves
    • Classroom furniture
    • Computer equipment
    • Books
    • Lab supplies & equipment
    • Vintage office furniture, chairs, desks, file cabinets
    • Foam board
    • AV equipment
    • Items of architectural interest
    • Appliances small and large
    • Chalk boards, white boards, cork boards, smart boards, office
    • Supplies, paper, staples, pens, tape, paper clips, file folders, binders (even if open)
    • Finish work
    • Light fixtures
    • Tables
    • Soft sided furniture

    Visit the ReUse website to browse or post items for recycling.